Shoebox Baking Company

Camano Island, Washington

Specializing in Artisan Homemade Cookies for you, Corporate Gifts, or Events

Changing the World One Cookie at a Time

Gluten Free Treats

Limited availability November and December. Call for information on varieties available.

Place orders at [email protected] or call 206-799-2073

GF Crisp Lemon Lace up

A light crisp sugar cookie with butter lemon frosting.

GF Seven Layer Slingback

You won't believe its gluten free.

GF Macaroon Mukluks

Just what a good macaroon needs, toasted almonds with coconut.

GF Peanut Butter Pump

Peanut Butter with Butterfingers, are you kidding me?

GF Snickerdoodle Stiletto

Just like mom made, except gluten free.